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‘We connected over love for family, faith’, Nick Jonas on falling in love with Priyanka Chopra


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After getting engaged to Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas has been open about his relationship in the media. He recently revealed on the Jimmy Fallon show how they came up with the couple acronym ‘Prick’ which fans found to be adorable.

The Right Now singer was recently interviewed by Jason Kennedy of E! News wherein he spilled on how he fell in love. When Jason asked Nick about what is it about Priyanka that make him realised that she was the person for him, Nick said, “So many things… I can go on and get all mushy but the thing that really connected both of us is our love for family and faith and importance of being connected to those who are always going to be with you. And we found that in each other as well, which is a beautiful thing and I am excited to start our live together.”

Before their engagement, when media asked Nick about his relationship with Priyanka, Nick said he and Priyanka were just friends. “People would ask us, in interview settings and in private, ‘Are you guys seeing each other?’ And the answer was no. People thought we were being coy, and so did we, until we cut to, now we’re engaged, so the story sort of wrote itself. We then met up a couple of months ago, five months ago now, and it was kind of immediate. We just knew it was right and jumped right in.”

Since the couple made their engagement official, they have certainly become one of the most popular celebrity couple in the world. On Sunday, Nick celebrated his 26th birthday and Priyanka shared a picture of her giving him a kiss in the cheek. Later, they were snapped sharing a kiss in public at a concert in Los Angeles.


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