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Video: Shah Rukh’s daughter, Suhana handles media frenzy with grace


It isn’t easy being a celebrity given the fact that you are always under media scrutiny. While most people would wonder what could be tougher than that, we guess being a celebrity kid is something that qualifies under this.

Just recently we had reported that Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan was snapped outside a suburban multiplex attending a screening of the Salman Khan film ‘Tubelight’. While the girl was there to enjoy the latest Kabir Khan directorial, she was sadly besotted with media cameramen who followed her incessantly.

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Though Suhana managed to hold her composure and more or less ignore the camera men hounding her, it is rather sad to witness paparazzi heckling a child for an exclusive image. In fact, we feel that the media and paparazzi in general needs to maintain a personal space zone and not hound star kids in such a manner.