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Watch Kriti Sanon video ‘happy whatever’: A hard hitting message to society


Entire world is celebrating women’s day today even our celebrities have special messages on empowering woman and pictures for their fans on social media but one girl from the Bollywood who is not so happy with women’s day at all and she is Kriti Sanon.

Kriti Sanon has shared a special video on her twitter account and which shows her aggression towards society. In the video, we see Kriti Sanon holding placards as the message reads, “It’s Women’s Day” and we think it’s another wish from a Bollywood celeb for her fans. But the surprise comes when we play the video and her next placard says, “same s*** different year, Girl power, Women’s rights, Gender equality, Blah, Blah, Blah! Meanwhile… Our streets are still unsafe, glass ceilings remain rock solid and others still decide what we should wear. All we do is talk and I’m done talking. Happy Whatever!”.”

Kriti Sanon took the initiative and posted a hard hitting message to open eyes of the people and she also mention the problems of women in our society, so this is our duty to respect a woman and protect them and let them pursue their dreams.