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Watch Firangi trailer: Kapil Sharma’s funny, but in a different avatar


The trailer of Comedian Kapil Sharma‘s upcoming movie ‘Firangi’ is finally out. ‘Firangi‘ is set during the British Raj and revolves around Kapil’s character, who is of the opinion that the Britishers are of no harm. He goes about his daily life, unaware of the shackles that the British rule has imposed on him, his fellow countrymen and his motherland. We see him in love and fighting for love. Of course there are portions of humour and innocence which he brings onscreen but overall the trailer is a pleasing watch and we are happy to see his new avatar.

The trailer begins with Kapil narrating a story to a child as he takes up back in time when India was under the British rule and the struggle for freedom was gaining momentum, when Indians were getting united under one mission to gain independence. But looks like only one person had a different thought, Magga aka Kapil. Magga, who serves the British, believes they are not bad people. In fact, it is his job that brings humour in the first half of the trailer. The man who was good for nothing, suddenly turns into the most highly placed man among the white people because of his ability to treat their back pain in the traditional manner of kicking them.

Watch Firangi trailer here:

Kapil Sharma is nothing like we have seen before. Your heart might skip a beat on seeing this serious and innocent side of the comedian, who has been entertaining the audience with his antics on stage until now. Kapil is proving his mettle as an actor in the trailer, which makes us curious about the film. The trailer can be touted as a perfect teaser for fans who have been missing the actor-comedian after his show, The Kapil Sharma Show went off air recently. This film also marks Kapil’s venture into film production.

The film will be releasing in cinemas on the 24th of November, 2017.

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