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Walking on a deserted beach with your beloved…”


archana puran singharchana puran singh

From romantic walks, to Pakeezah and pakoras, ARCHANA PURAN SINGH shares rainy favourites with SHAGUN GANDHI.

What’s your ideal way of spending a rainy day?

I live in the most gorgeous place to live during the rain, Madh Island. The first thing I do is rush to my garden or my balcony. I enjoy getting drenched. It’s just so beautiful to sit in the rain and watch it pour. We also have my husband’s favourite chai and pakora which is a great blessing when the weather is so gloomy. Much as we are dieting and nobody wants to eat fried food, it’s a ritual to have it during the first rain when we all are together!

Best movie to watch when it’s pouring?

It has to be PAKEEZAH. It’s a classic, my all-time favourite.

Any particular song you love to hear when it rains?

There’s just one iconic song I can remember; Raj Kapoor and Nargis standing coyly under an umbrella in the rain in ‘Pyaarhuaikraarhua…’ from SHREE 420. This song, without a doubt, ranks topmost among all my favourite rain songs. I have grown up listening to all the old romantic songs. Also, the ’70s and ’80s songs are the ones I love to hear when it pours. One of the most romantic songs is ‘Pal paldilkepaas…’.

A bizarre rain situation that you’ve experienced?

All of us have gone through that very embarrassing, sudden shower which has got our clothes transparent. I remember during my school days I was riding my scooter on my way back from school. And I suddenly got caught in a shower! I use to stay in Dehradoon and it’s all downhill. Racing towards my home and hoping that I was invisible on my scooter – which I wasn’t – is one thing that I remember. And first thing I do is go and look in the mirror, to check if it was looking as bad as I thought I was… And horrors, you discover that you are looking worse! When it’s a big occasion and a shower hits you, one thing that you’re horrified about is your hair. All these things used to bother me when I was younger but today I love the rains irrespective. Now we all run to the balcony and enjoy that gorgeous feeling of rain on your face.

A rainy and romantic moment with your husband?

Well, we’ve taken a few walks in the rain, typically hand in hand on the beach in Madh Island itself. We shifted here 11 years back. A couple of years ago, I remember walking on the beach with Parmeet; it started drizzling and instead of rushing back home we decided to continue the walk.  Walking on a deserted beach with someone you care for and love is the most amazing feeling. It was a surreal experience.

How do you dress for a rainy run?

Firstly, whites should be avoided. What I generally prefer are capris. They are so comfortable and convenient. Also, comfortable shoes are very important for me. A big NO-NO to heels in this season.