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Vivek Dahiya encounters a stalker fan on honeymoon


Actor Vivek Dahiya, who was recently in the UK and France for his honeymoon, was in for an unexpected experience. There were a lot of Indians who recognised the couple due to their popularity on Indian television.

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In fact, there were people from all over the world including Romania and Africa who follow Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and were delighted to meet Vivek and Divyanka Tripathi.  However, what was most interesting for Vivek was that there was a fan named Alisha from Pakistan.

Our source informs, “They met in London.  Alisha knew every little detail about Vivek. It was like she was reading out his biography to him. It was a bit creepy for Vivek.”

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When we contacted Vivek about the incident, he said, “I thought this girl either had read every detail about me or knew someone who is extremely close to me.  I asked her how and she just told me that she has her sources. I did actually go and try to find her on social media to see if we have some common friends but I couldn’t locate her. It was a bit weird.” Now that’s some creepy honeymoon experience!