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Vivek and Divyanka enjoy their first anniversary in a small village in Italy


The popular duo Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi are off on one more of their travel adventures and this time around its Italy for their first anniversary. The duo we hear is loving Italy and especially the food and hospitality there.  Vivek, the doting husband, has planned surprises throughout the trip for Divyanka.

On D-Day we hear the duo went for long drives, a nice romantic lunch and shopping!  Vivek reveals, “We have rented a car as I love driving in Europe and Divyanka too is fond of long drives and hence we have been driving a lot on this trip.  On anniversary day, the two of us drove to a small hill top village called Savoca where Godfather was shot.  Its a really scenic and beautiful village with a very small population, a few houses and some bars.

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The two of us love Italian food and hence we had a delicious italian meal with an amazing view and then some Gelato ice cream.  Then we drove to a huge outlet mall here in Sicily and shopped for each other.  On the way back, we got a little lost and the 1.5 hours drive became a 4 hour drive.  However, we had a fabulous time as we were blasting music and enjoying each other’s company.”

Eye witness to a #MountainFire in #Positano and this is how they extinguished it. Impressed!!!! Such efforts deserve huge respect.

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In #Godfather’s city..

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