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Vishal Patni hoped to play more powerful roles


Vishal Patni, who plays the role of Farus in the period drama Porus, says the show has helped him gain attention from show-makers and getting more roles as well. “From the time I started playing Farus, I have been appreciated a lot for my acting, my looks and I have also been getting calls from other production houses for negative characters. They think that I am playing this negative character quite well. I hope the next character I play will be as powerful as Farus in Porus,” he says.

The show involves a lot of action sequences, which for Vishal was full of fun. Speaking about the action sequences and sharing a funny incident from the set, Vishal says, “Since the first day until now, Porus and my character have always been fighting. While doing a fight sequence, it is important for an actor to be precautious. It is also important to do a good rehearsal before as shoot, this helps to avoid injury. We bond so well that we know how to react to each other’s action. Recently, a funny incident happened. Porus had to punch me and I had to fall at a 180 degrees angle. I have hair extensions attached, so I fell in a different place and my extensions flew in the opposite direction. The whole crew burst out laughing.”

When one spends so much time on a set, and away at a far-away location, it is natural for the actors to form a bond. Ask him who he bonds with the most on the set, Vishal says, “I share a good bond with everyone. I am close to Laksh, Chandan, Rishi. After the shoot, we often spend time together at the gym or maybe playing table tennis.”

Costume dramas are challenging, admits the actor. “You have to wear heavy jewellery, heavy makeup and act under the sun, which makes it very tough. Plus, you need to be in your character and give the best performance. This is why everyone feels that period dramas are challenging,” he says.

Vishal says that everyone in Porus has been doing a fabulous job. “All the actors in Porus are doing an amazing job in their own way. Laksh and Praneet Bhat are incredible. Laksh has to be constantly fighting as well as acting like a prince. Praneet‘s accent of a Persian man is amazing. I learn a lot from them and I wish them all the luck for the future as well,” he says.

Although his schedule is hectic, Vishal makes sure to take care of his fitness. “I try to hit the gym every day. But there are days when I am shooting all day and it’s tough to go. I maintain a balanced diet and eat healthily. That is important as well,” he says.