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“Vishal Pandya makes work look simple”, says Sharman Joshi


After ‘Hate Story 3’, actor Sharman Joshi has teamed up with director Vishal Pandya again. He will be seen as an inspector in Vishal’s upcoming film Wajah Tum Ho. Rohit Pramar catches up with the versatile actor to talk about the film and more…

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Tell us about your role.
I play a cop in the film. It’s a very fine written character with many layers. He also has a good sense of humour so there are lots of one liners. I was very excited for this role but it’s something I haven’t done before. So it was a pleasure working on this film.

How is Sana Khan as a co-star?
She is absolutely wonderful. She is a lovely girl. She gets along well. She is always very cheerful and smiling. So it became very easy to work with her.

This is your second film with director Vishal Panday. How was it even better working with him this time?
Absolutely, it was even better this time. We connected with each other while working on ‘Hate Story 3’ and we became friends. So now this time I was working with a friend and also a director who I love to work with. We had so much fun shooting for the film. Vishal makes work seem very simple and he is very exciting at the time. So it was my pleasure working with him again.

In Hate Story 3, we saw you taking your shirt off. Are you doing it Wajah Tum Ho as well? Does that put extra pressure on you maintain a good physique?
In ‘Wajah Tum Ho’, I’m not taking my shirt off. But it’s a part of my job so I’ve to try my best. I try to keep myself healthy. If the role demands an extreme workout then I do it. Otherwise I take it lightly.

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How do you maintain yourself?
Well, diet is the most important. You have to eat healthier than workout more. When I am in extreme mode, I am carefully about each and everything. I normally keep my diet high protein and low carbohydrates. My workout schedule involves an hour, five times a week.

What’s next for you?
I will soon start shooting for ‘Tom Dick And Harry 2’. Hopefully it will release by the end of next year.