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Vishal Dadlani responds to ‘Nashe Si’ plagiarism reports


Vishal Dadlani from music composer duo Vishal & Shekhar today rubbished reports that their song “Nashe Si Chad Gayi” from “Befikre” is a copy, saying it is just an “uncanny coincidence”.

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 The song from the Aditya Chopra-directed film was one of the most popular dance numbers of 2016 but people have pointed out similarities with “Junjuo Romantica” song from an animated Japanese series, according to PTI.

“Haven’t copied a tune in 17 years. Not about to start now. Bizarre and uncanny coincidence, but anything I say will sound defensive, so I’m not even going to try. There is no doubt, the melodies of both first lines are exactly the same,” Vishal wrote in reply to the Facebook post by a blog.

The music director-singer said that they heard the song for the first time “couple of weeks ago”. “The first time we ever heart this ‘Junjuo’ track was time when someone pointed out the similarity, maybe a couple of weeks ago. If we’d heard it before, we’d have modified our tune to sound different. But, our consciences are clear. It’s weird as hell, but there it is.”

Vishal, 43, said that there are a lot of composers, who frequently copy their tunes but they have never done and will not do it ever. “There are people out there who have made careers out of ripping off other people’s tunes. We’ve never done that, and never will. That’s all I have to say about that.”