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Virushka: Virat Kohli’s marriage with Anushka Sharma makes Rakhi Sawant helpless; find out why


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Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma got married in a private ceremony on December 11 at Italy. Interestingly, ever since they got married, the entire world has been pouring wishes to this newly wed couple. Popularly known as Virushka, netziens made hashtag #Virushka trending on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. However, it seems like there is one person who seems to be not happy by seeing Virat marrying Anushka and started feeling helpless after that. Any guesses?

Well, that person is none other than drama queen Rakhi Sawant. Yes, Rakhi Sawant has recently reacted to Virat and Anushka’s wedding. Apparently, by using a filter on snapchat, she made a video and said, “Ab mera kya hoga Virat, ab mera kya hoga.. pata hai main washroom mein thi jab mujhe pata chala tumhari shadi Anushka se (sic).” It means, “What will happen to me Virat… What will happen to me Virat…Do you know I was in the washroom when I learnt about your marriage to Anushka (sic).”

She posted a video on her Instagram account.

Well, earlier Rakhi had ‘confessed’ her love for the dashing cricketers. And as we all know, Virat is undoubtedly one of the dashing cricketers in the world. According to reports, Rakhi had said during an interaction with a media person, “I like Virat a lot and Anushka hasn’t confessed publicly as yet. But I am confessing my love for the young cricketer as I love him and since Anushka has not accepted his love openly, therefore, she would like to express her love for the cricketer.”

Let’s see how fans would react to Rakhi’s reaction to Virushka’s wedding.