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Viral video! Boy stabs Kamal Haasan’s poster; ‘Try and kill me, I will sure win,’ says the actor


A video is getting viral on internet where a child is stabbing Kamal Haasan’s poster. An adult from behind is provoking the kid to tear off the actor’s picture into pieces using a knife. The adult is telling the kid “don’t let him go kill him”. It is believed that it is a reaction on Kamal Haasan’s view on Hindu extremist.

Reacting to this incident Kamal Haasan tweeted, in Tamil (translated by IBTimes), “My children. Alas! I’d rather be stabbed to death by a child. The Tamil fraternity cannot reconcile with a grown brother speaking Tamil and confessing to his crime. Nature will take my life. But before that, you have the right to be happy. Try and kill me. I will win,”

Recently Kamal Haasan wrote an article in Tamil magazine you can’t say there is no Hindu terror. Earlier, Hindu extremists held dialogue, now they indulge in violence. He further writes that people have lost faith in Satyameva Jayate. “Truth alone triumphs has now become strength alone triumphs. This has made people inhuman,” he said. This could be seen as another signal from the actor that he desires to keep BJP at a distance.