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Viral Photo! Beauty queen Manushi Chhiller shows us the ‘Miss World Way’ of getting a tan


Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar’s latest Instagram photo has gone viral ever since the actress posted the image last night. Her chilled out style has won the internet over many times but never like this. The beauty queen is quite active on social media her post is just honestly, a treat for the eyes. She captioned her post, “The Miss World way of getting a tan.”


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The Miss World way of getting a tan.

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Regarding fashion, Manushi had earlier said, “I was interested in fashion since the beginning and I think everyone likes fashion. It’s a way of expressing who you are. Even when I was in medical college, I wore a white coat then. That was my fashion statement as a medical student. I love experimenting for sure. I think India has a rich history and we always take so much pride in the amount of diversity that we have. When it comes to fashion, the diversity is even more.”

Apart from the bewitching beauty, it was her indomitable spirit that helped her win the sash and crown. The way she did stand out amongst other finalists and the answers she gave on being asked which profession deserves the highest salary according to her, Manushi said that the job of being a mother is what demands sacrifices and a lot of patience and therefore deserves the highest salary.