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Vidya doesn’t want to look like Vidya


Expectations are sky-rocketing, especially since the first Kahaani was such a huge hit, but on the brink of the release of Kahaani 2, Vidya Balan admits that the trailer is cut to feed expectations.

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The aim is to get people to expect what you want to expect, is how she puts it. The answers, she adds, are all there in the film. Vidya accepts that there is a high level of expectations as people have seen Kahaani and have loved that film. However, the trailer of Kahaani 2 has also intrigued them enough to go to a cinema hall and wait for the mystery to unravel.

Talking about her simple yet unusual look in the film, she reveals that it was a very regular look. Director Sujoy Ghosh wanted a very real person, who was not necessarily a pretty person. The look they were aiming at was someone who was not interested in herself, who wore drab clothes, who didn’t take care of herself, her skin… Vidya avers that for her, make-up, clothes and looks are all tools which help her bring alive a character, as an actor.

Hence, whenever any director tells her to explore she is more than happy to do that. She laughs as she points out that she doesn’t want to look like Vidya Balan in every film! Films give her the opportunity to look like a different person, to live another person’s life – and she grasps these chances happily.

The thriller genre is one that has not really received its due in the Hindi film industry, despite some excellent work in this genre by the likes of Vijay Anand, Raj Khosla, Sriram Raghavan, Sujoy Ghosh and others.

Pondering on this point, she says that the genre is underrated because the thriller needs pace and that is the area where a lot of our films fail. She vouches that all these filmmakers mentioned have given us some wonderful thrillers.

She singles out Vijay Anand’s Jewel Thief for special attention, a long film which managed to keep audiences engaged and arrested throughout.

She admits that she herself loves the thriller genre, as she lists the thrillers she has been a part of, such as Ishqiya, No One Killed Jessica, Kahaani, Teen and now Kahaani 2.

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Shedding light on what drives her fondness for this genre, she reveals that she is an impatient, restless person by nature and she finds sitting in one place very difficult. If she is sitting in one place for two hours – as when watching a film – then she needs constant excitement which only a thriller film gives.

Speaking about the age-old school of thought that married actresses get less work, she opines that though the industry was going through a regressive mindset, now it’s changing. She admits that there was a time when most actresses quit their career after getting married -but that has changed.

Pointing out to actresses like Kareena, Aishwarya, Rani and herself who are enjoying this phase of their career, she declares that there is a different type of work all around us. Many new opportunities are opening up, she points out.

Claiming that cinema only reflects reality or society, she avers that the changes are happening in society around us where women who are in their 30s and 40s are feeling desirable and are still going out and pursuing their dreams and careers – solely for themselves. Women today are not just playing a supporting role to their father, brothers, husband or children, but actually have a life of their own.

And it is this reality that is being reflected on screen. This is the reason why writers are being inspired to write stories with such characters, which also gives the careers of thirty-something actresses a welcome extension. Their shelf life is no longer small or short, she points out. And a wonderful thing that is too!