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Vidya Balan not happy with social media


Vidya Balan’s Kahani 2, is currently trending even as we write this. However, if you ask Vidya Balan, she would say that it would be great if this whole hoopla around the social media could be avoided. There is so much out there, that gets misconstrued and misinterpreted just for the fun of it.

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“For someone who is a very private person, I generally don’t like putting my life up on social media. However nowadays it is a must and everyone is try to outdo the other especially when their release is near. I for one could do without that kind of pressure to tell you the truth, but when in Rome….” she said with her infectious smile.

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We her fans, would like to see her on social media though, and hoping she doesn’t get too fed up of social media too soon.