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Vidya Balan loves to take directions


The actress doesn’t like filmmakers who expect her to fill in the gaps in their scripts

With plethora of award winning performances in actor Vidya Balan’s kitty, one would assume that she would not be comfortable taking directions from filmmakers. But it seems to be the other way around. The “Dirty Picture” actress says that she prefers directors who direct and push her to do better.

“I love it when directors direct me. A lot of times it happens that with success, a lot of directors get complacent and lazy with actors. Sometimes with half-baked scripts, they will convince you that you will fill in the gaps. Sometimes, even if it is all there, on the set, they let you be because of who you are. But when I met Suresh (Triveni), I was so happy that he was pushing me. That is very important. Of course, I love the fact that you have faith in me and you think I am capable of doing everything but I am an actor and you are the director so, you should direct me. Even on ad films, I tell people, ‘I don’t mind doing 20 retakes but just push me’,” says Vidyaabout the filmmakerSuresh Triveni, who marks his directorial debut with her film “TumhariSalu”.

The actor also talked some of her most favourite characters from Hindi cinema. But the character of Seema Sahini from Mr India, played by Sridevi, seemed to be Vidya’s most special roles, of her favourite actress.

“I don’t think there’s anything that Sridevi can’t do. You can’t do a Charlie Chaplin, but look at the way she did. Generally, directors don’t visualise physical comedy well for female actors but you are blown away when you see Sridevi doing what she did in Mr India. And the fact that she is so shy in real life shows what a fantastic actor she is,” Vidyagushes.

Vidya,who is also a member of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) talked about her new roles. “Now I get to see a lot more films from what I used to in the last few years and I am enjoying it. It is fun,” she adds.