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Vidya Balan gives her piece of mind on the ongoing Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse issue


The sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein by a number of Hollywood actresses has created a major stir in showbiz. It is among the most trending topics at the moment and after Hollywood, Bollywood is reacting to the scandal.

Actor Vidya Balan chose to match the tone with her contemporary Priyanka Chopra. The actress spoke about how women feel unsafe while addressing sexual harassment issues.

“You know it is quite shocking to see that Harvey Weinstein has been an abuser for so many years and no one spoke about it till the New York Times piece broke. He is one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood; someone whose work we’ve all admired but to think that even the most powerful female actors chose to keep silent on the matter for decades is a reflection of how women, however successful they maybe, don’t feel safe addressing sexual harassment,” retorts Vidya.

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When asked if she ever went through a similar experience during her initial struggling days, she says, “No, I did not give anyone that space to intimidate me or be anything but respectful towards me. But I can’t say this enough number of times that I feel I came from a privileged position where my survival did not depend on this. A lot of times girls compromise as their survival depends on it.”

 However, the “Tumhari Sulu” actress says that she has avoids people whose vibe makes her unnerving. She said, “If someone’s vibe made me uncomfortable, I’ve walked away from that person and the opportunity to work with him… That is my way of dealing with it. No one has ever crossed the line with me