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Vidya Balan can’t memorise speech


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There are very few in Bollywood who don’t need to be told what to speak, they do it, effortlessly and beautifully. Vidya Balan is certainly one of those names. “Ever since I first faced the media, it was felt as if I was born to do it,” exclaimed Vidya whose film Kahani 2, will be released in the next couple of weeks.

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However, there is one thing Vidya cannot do, and that is to mouth quotes, “Dialogues, give me reels of it, and I will manage to memorise it but if you tell me to memorise a speech, I cannot. It has to be something that comes to me naturally and quotes do not. You will never find me sitting there mouthing dialogues from my films, I just don’t have that kind of mind for it.

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Just day before, I was in Lucknow to speak at Patrika, I was the keynote speaker, I couldn’t get myself to rehearse a speech. I spoke what I needed to say, because I needed to say it. It has to be heartfelt! But even if I had to rehearse, I wouldn’t be able to. I love to read poems, I love listening to the songs and enjoying their lyrics but you cannot expect me to remember them,” she said with her infectious smile.