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Veteran actress Amardeep Jha learns Haryanvi


Veteran actress Amardeep Jha, who is currently seen as Santo in Meri Durga, had to attend a workshop for her new accent. Speaking on her character, Amardeep says, “The most interesting thing is that I am playing a Haryanvi woman for the first time. We had a special workshop for this language, and a tutor is also present on the sets to correct our lingo.

I am playing Durga’s dadi Santo who is the eldest in the family. She is a strong and practical lady who handles everything in the family. The story is interesting and engaging.”

Jha finds child actress Ananya Agarwal really good. She adds, “In daily soaps, everyone becomes family eventually. Ananya is chirpy, sweet and a bubbly girl. She acts also well. And the most important thing I like about her is innocence. Sometime a very mature kind of acting is expected from child actors when there are emotional scenes, and children tend to become precocious. But Ananya’s innocence is intact despite her intense scenes in the show.”