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Vatsal Sheth: For me, fashion is what I’m comfortable in


Actor Vatsal Sheth tells Shikha Jain about the single-most important factor while dressing up

Fashion could mean different things to different people, because it’s the personality that dictates the style, which is one’s own preference and interpretation of fashion. If one would choose to compromise on their comfort level, for another, comfort could come first and foremost. To be comfortable and still look fashionable is probably the best balance and Vatsal Sheth appears to have struck it.

“Fashion to me is honestly something you are comfortable in and feel confident about. You know, there are times when people say ‘This is fashion’, but after putting it on, your views contradict. So for me, fashion is what I’m comfortable in,” says Vatsal.

Fashion Inspiration

Vatsal doesn’t keep a track of what’s trending, but he does notice what’s happening around him and that’s where he gets his fashion ideas from. He also likes to create his own combinations by experimenting with whatever he thinks looks good on him. “When you watch films or when you travel, you get a sense of what’s going around, what’s trending. When you go to stores, you notice the styles that are available. You try it on and if you like it, you wear it otherwise stick to the old styles,” says Vatsal.

Travel Essentials

Good comfortable shoes, ripped denims, cool jackets, a nice pair of sunglasses and a couple of simple white and black T-shirts are always to be packed in your bags, he recommends. He also thinks a good pair of denims is an all-season must-have for a guy. Ask about his signature style, and all he has to say is – comfort.

Confidence Quotient

In a world where all want to look their best, there are still some who prefer to be lazy about their appearance. Vatsal suggests you let go off your indolence if you want to have a ‘bang-on look’ every time. He explains, “To be comfortable and still look fashionable is to be confident. And to have a perfect look you need to be like super confident and super comfortable. You could be wearing an expensive suit or have an expensive wardrobe, but if you are not comfortable you are not going to look good in it,” emphasises the actor who had made his big screen debut with Taarzan: The Wonder Car and has been a part of successful TV serials.