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Varun Dhawan’s seceret talent…


varun dhawanvarun dhawan

Son of a filmmaker and brother to a director too, Varun Dhawan is able to read the workings of the industry and audience tastes with considerable accuracy. A believer in the view that the current times are the best period to make different films, he points out that such films need to be made on the correct budget. Films overshooting their budgets are a surefire guarantee to them failing. Budget aside, it’s the story and script that are the most important factors in a film’s making, he underlines.

Personally speaking, Varun loves doing all kinds of films, irrespective of their budget specifications. Having already dabbled in a variety of films, from the breezy HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIYA to the uber gritty BADLAPUR, he finds it heartening that different content is being appreciated and accepted. He sees this trend as a welcome change, both as an audience and an actor.

Speak about the trend of biopics that is sweeping the Hindi film screen and he loyally reveals that he would like to do a biopic on his father David Dhawan’s life. His dad’s life story, he opines, is very interesting as it traversed different worlds, from the time he grew up in a small town, his transition, his work and growth. A big fan of his father whom he terms “a self-made man”, he declares that he would love to play his dad on screen.

A self confessed mimic – if Varun spends a few days with a person he is able to act just like that person! – he’s also a romantic at heart; his fave film watch is JAB WE MET. It would be just the film he watches on the rare occasion that he is not shooting. An unexpected day off would see him resting and working out. Besides catching up on films he reads books and most importantly, catches up on some much-needed sleep!

Extremely chilled out himself, he avers that what riles him is when the media harrows someone he is with… It doesn’t need much thought to figure out that he has to be referring to his rumoured ladylove, Natasha Dalal. The two have been keeping their relationship under wraps but buzz goes that they are moving in together. Wedding bells will have to wait though as Varun himself apparently believes his career needs his complete concentration at this stage in life. We are sure Daddy Dhawan approves!