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Valentine’s Day 2018: Here are 4 TV celebrities who are happily married


On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Television celebrities like Debina Bonnerjee, Roop Durgapal, Amrapali Gupta and Shalini Kapoor reveals the secret love story with us and also shares some memorable moments they spend with their hubby.

Debina Bonnerjee

Gurmeet and me are together since many years. We got married in the year 2011. We never look each other as husband-wife (Laughs) We are always crush for each other. I take him as my boyfriend and I’m his girlfriend. We keep our relationship fresh all the time. We enjoy every minute of our togetherness. We have given each other space at time. We also dont let out ego come between us. We share each talks. We dont judge each other but keep exploring. We both are always loyal and the emotional bond between us cant be even graphed. Yes, like any other couples we also fight at times but next second we start making each other laugh. I love him for all the surprise he has ready for me every next day. All I will say we have always been ‘us’ there is no place of ‘I’ and ‘you’ between us. We both cook. We both pay on shopping. We dont divide us the way society has divided things between husband and wife.

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Amrapali Gupta

Yash (Sinha) and me are together before marriage. Our love story was very diffrent as we both use to have crush on each other but never proposed till the date. We started dating and got married and we continue to live the freshness of our love till date. Nothing as changed between us. Things get better day by day. The key of success marriage is that we value and respect each other. Also giving space at times to your partner is imp.

Shalini Kapoor

I feel love is most beautiful feeling. The definition of love has been changing for youth these days. Thankful to god I got a man like Rohit (Kapoor Sagar). He has always pampered me like a kid and loved me. He has always respect my need and always helped to grow. Most importantly we dont bring ego between us and that is why we enjoy a happy marriage.

Roop Durgapal

Given our crazy schedules, we (me and Deepak Nailwal) love going for movies & long drives whenever we find time. Thankfully, we share the craze for movies & travelling to different places. Its been quite around 6 years being together but years dont matter. I still feel its been only few months and we are still trying to understand each other. Love has different meanings in different phases of life. It evolves slowly and grows into care, affection & unconditional support with time. Sometimes more than a boquet of Roses, a warm hug and a promise to be with me in all my highs & lows means love. After fights, he has even baked cakes, muffins and brownies for me. Since i am younger, i only say sorry with a smile. Every relationship has its highs and lows & they help you know each other better. What matters at the end is, whether you want the person enough in your life or not. Efforts to stay are directly proportional to it. I would just say that in the search of perfection, hopping from one person to another could be very vain & taxing. Instead, we should work on what we have to make it better, unless of course things are beyond repair. All it takes is constant nurturing, care, time and love.