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Up close and personal with Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar! The lovely couple you can’t get enough of


Milind Soman has always been in the news for doing things that are out of the box. It has been more than two decades since he had created a storm in 1995 for posing nude alongside Madhu Sapru. Now he hits the headlines mainly for his impressive exploits in the field of running. Of course, he had stirred up the pot of controversy earlier this year, when he married Ankita Konwar, who is 27 to his 52!  In this rendezvous, the couple opens up about life, love and more…

Nude controversy
Plunging straight into the topic that has followed him constantly, Milind shares, “I was never like ‘Oh my God! I am posing nude’. Simply because I had been photographed nude a couple of times. The only time that Madhu Sapre’s and my pose was commercialised and published on the cover of a magazine and a few publications, it became a big deal for people. I am never bothered about what people think. I am only concerned about doing things that I wish to do and I feel comfortable doing it.”

The Maharashtrian angle
Reminiscing about those days he adds, “Maybe posing nude then alongside a woman may have become a big deal for the readers and the people. Looking back, I now feel that maybe Madhu and I were Maharashtrians, and maybe, therefore, things were blown out of proportion.”

Bare for freeNot many know that Milind hadn’t charged a penny. “Why would I even charge an exorbitant amount? In fact, I had posed nude for free. It was a good experience, it just worked for us; we were posing for a commercial. It appeared in various publications; we were not going to keep this photograph in my house!”

Blissful days
Coming straight to his second innings of marriage he blushes, “Yes, it’s a fact that unlike poles attract. We are having a blissful and a beautiful time. There are various types of attraction for the opposite sex…firstly, you get attracted physically; it’s a biological need. Maybe Ankita sees it in a different way, but we got attracted spiritually. The moment I saw her, I immediately connected to her and felt that she is the one I would like to live the rest of my life with.”

Space and understanding Shedding more light on their relationship he says, “We both love each other. We were both drawn to each other spiritually. Our love grows deeper with each passing day. More than physical attraction it is understanding that has kept us around. We both give each other a lot of space and allow each other to pursue whatever profession we would like to go ahead with. I will always support Ankita in whatever she chooses to do.”

Age issue
On the vast age gap between them, he adds, “Yes, in any relationship age does not matter!” He laughs out loud, “Yes, I am like a fatherly figure… she will be my mother sometime and a daughter too in the longer run.”

Changing views
Ankita Konwar speaks about her first meeting with Milind, which was the first of several. “I had come to India to set up my own company. I met Milind at a party; I asked him to dance with me. No sooner did I start dancing with him than he started inquiring about me and my family background. Slowly we started meeting. I never believed in the institution of marriage. I always felt we women need to live for ourselves only; as long as we are happy there is no need to get married. Undeniably when I met Milind my idea of marriage changed. I have now been married for just four months but I am enjoying a blissful married life. I am on a break and want to enjoy most of my time with Milind. I feel if you get someone with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life then you must go ahead.”

No babies yet
Ankita has apparently also won over Milind’s mother’s heart. “My mother-in-law is very adjusting. She has taught me how to cook poha. I don’t know whether I make it well but Milind relishes it.” Reacting to rumours of her being pregnant, she smiles, “I am on a break and enjoying my time with my husband who is a very honest and grounded man. I am not in the family way!” Evidently, not yet!