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Unique online strategy for Akira


Akira poster Sonakshi sinha

The trailer of the upcoming action movie Akira starring Sonakshi Sinha has become the new rage on the net. The youth have lapped up Sonakshi Sinha’s action avatar as the trailer created an all new all-time record for the highest number of views for a female led movie.

The trailer of the film was hugely anticipated by fans over the last few days as Fox Star Studios crafted a well-planned strategy that looked to integrate Sonakshi’s massive social following. The campaign started with the actress, who has one of the highest engagement score with fans on social media, releasing all assets through her social identities. Each asset was launched with a strategy for her to engage with her fans, creating organic discussion and engagement on each asset and building the hype around the trailer launch.

Watch Out Here: Akira’s Official Trailer

The trailer launch was also crafted strategically to ensure that the asset goes viral instantly. After a successful on-ground launch of the trailer in an event comprising of a huge gathering of college students along with the media, fans became impatient for the trailer to be officially released in the digital space. The studios had planned to use the eagerness of the fans and audiences and use it as a trigger to give an unprecedented push to the unit. Sonakshi then took to an impromptu live chat on Facebook where she suddenly released the trailer online, amidst a live audience of nearly 20 k fans who had gathered in just about 15 mins.

The unannounced release of the trailer caused great excitement amongst fans, leading the Akira trailer to be in the top trended topics within its first hour. The momentum only pushed the asset to smashing all milestones as it notched 3 min viewing 24 hours – the highest ever for a Hindi film led by a female lead. At 36 hours from launch the view count stands at 5 million views!! Facebook, the largest social media platform in reach, were partners for this strategic asset launch as the studios targeted the youth of the country, action lovers and Sonakshi and Murugadoss’s fans to spread the word, and carefully posting updates with demographic parameters in mind.