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Unabashed RICHA talks of her initial days in Bollywood


Richa ChaddaRicha Chadda

The audacious Richa Chadha who is on a promotional spree for her upcoming film CABARET recently spoke to Anupama Chopra to promote her film where she revealed a lot about herself and her initial days in the industry.

Its pretty much known that after her role in GANGS OF WASSEYPUR as a mother to Nawazuddin and few other actors, Richa was stereotyped for the mother’s role after that. Talking about this mindset of the industry, Richa said, “I never had fears when I started as an actress. Buy I do have fears now. Because its ridiculous! I was mud younger, when I did Gangs of Wassyepur all the roles I got were the same. Then I got all roles which weren’t even half my age. Someone actually called me to cast me as HrithikRoshan’s mother in AGNEEPATH and I was like no way!”

As unbelievable as it may sound, we surely can’t imagine the sexy RichaChadha playing mother to the handsome HrithikRoshan. And to top it all, Richa was just 24 when she got her first role in GANGS OF WASSEYPUR as a mother. “Its fairly misogynistic of people when someone actually called me when I was 24 and Gangs had just come out saying that my career is over. I really believed that person, I was petrified! I played a grand mom in the first freaking big break sort of a film I did.”

And soon after GANGS… released, she was showered with offers but not quiet the offers anyone would want. Due to her inclination towards art hour cinema she was been given offers of dark characters or the intense ones. “Before Fukrey released any film which was depressed, had a handicapped character, dark and sad, all those roles would come to me! No one looked at me as a happy person.”

Wasseypur the film wasn’t shy about the use of cuss words in the local biharilingo and hence some thought, Richa, for the love of cuss words, would be enticed to sign a film. She said, “One time someone actually told me that the script has a lot of gaalis, aapkobahutmazaaayega! Such strange things happened to me. They all thought I don’t like to look good and just give gaalis.”

Talking about actresses like RadhikaApte and Kalki, she belives in promoting the category of the films they work in. “I feel I can see more camaraderie amongst the females than the men in Bollywood.I have strangely have had male actors be insecure of me!”

When asked if she ever feels that she should stop herself from stirring up a hornet’s nest? She promptly replied, “People are not going to find reasons to target me but I find the new trend of social media very irritating. Anyone who has an egg for a face(display picture) on Twitter feel they can say anything on the platform and get away it!”