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TV Stars react to Snapchat CEO’s comments about India!


Indian’s all over the world were furious when it came to light that the CEO of popular social media app Snapchat called India a ‘poor’ country and he wouldn’t like to focus on doing business here. Our TV actors, who are all heavy social media users, were also quite angry about the fact. Here is what they had to say…

Ssharad Malhotraa


For me, Instagram and Twitter are more than sufficient as take up most of my time, space, and my phone memory! Hence I’m not interested in any other app at the moment. Though I’m aware of Snapchat and I know its hysteria is growing by the minute, I guess it just wouldn’t be appropriate for any individual to comment about the country being poor to use Snapchat. I feel that that any individual, for that matter, should get their figures and facts right before making a sweeping statement.

Ankit Bathla

w12lead Ankit BathlaI am not on Snapchat as I can’t handle a lot of social media apps, so I am happy with Instagram and Facebook. However, I think India is a huge market for Snapchat and a comment like this might not go down well with people at all.

Amal Sehrawat

w12lead Amal Sehrawat

I never installed Snapchat, but I do feel hurt by the comment of their CEO. I feel that India should now enter the league of developed countries soon and prove it to the world that we are not less than any other ‘first’ world country!

Rishina Kandhari

Rishina KandhariI do have a Snapchat account but I hardly use it. So ethnically, I can say I had boycotted it even when it existed without the CEO saying absurd things about our country!

Jyotsna Chandola

w12lead Jyotsna ChandolaI heard about the Snapchat controversies. See, India is very rich and it won’t become poor just because of one Tom Dick and Harry’s statement. If he is really the CEO, he should have been a responsible person. I won’t boycott Snapchat because boycotting is not the solution. The person or the CEO who gave such stupid statement should keep his mouth shut or at least think before they speak.

Mrunal Jain

w12lead Mrunal JainI do use Snapchat. I feel that it’s foolish on the part of the CEO of Snapchat to speak any nonsense that came to his mind. It reflects his own frustrations, and he surely seems like he needs help. But I won’t stop using this application because of his stupid statement. The world over, people love India and I think he should visit our country and experience the richness. I’m sure that he will then realise how poor he is!

Mohammad Nazim

c Nazim-march 3I am a desi guy and I do use a variety of applications on my cell phone. One Snapchat application is not an end of the world. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean anyone can speak anything about my country. We Indians are very accommodating, and because of us so many countries get business!

Ankit Gera

w12lead Ankit Gera


I am active on social media but it’s not the make or break situation for me. No one can comment on India just like that. But, if a dog barks, we are not going to bite back the dog. We will only give the biscuit and move on. I am a proud Indian and I know how rich my India is. My one advice to the guy would be, ‘Mr CEO, Padharo Maare Desh which is known as Incredible India!’