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TV folks talk about Gudi Padwa!


Gudi Padwa celebration is on and people are celebrating it with full energy with their family and love ones, so on this auspicious day our favourite TV celebs have shared their plan and are telling us how they are going to celebrate it with their family and friends.

Ramman Handa – Gudi Padwa is an auspicious day as it’s New Year for Maharashtrians and I always buy something New for myself on this year. So I am planning to get myself a treadmill and a pair of nice shoes as I have taken an oath to live for myself and focus on my physique to stay happy and healthy. I shall eat a special gur ice cream and sweet rice made up of jaggery.

Jasmin BhasinJasmin_Bhasin__8_

Gudi Padwa also known as Padwa is celebrated by people across the state of Maharashtra as the Marathi New Year. Maharashtrian women wear a kashta or a nauvari — a nine-yard saree tucked at the back, while the men are dressed in a kurta-pyjama and sport a saffron or red turban. I’ll be wearing a traditional dress.

Sheena Bajaj

Sheena_Bajaj_close_upI will wear a Chaniya Choli from my favourite designer. The festival of Gudi Padwa is right around the weekend, and being a part of the city we celebrate every festival with grandeur. It is believed that Lord Brahma created the universe from utter chaos on this very auspicious day.

Ankit Gera

Ankit_Gera_New-in_blue I have not planned anything special but I am shooting on such an auspicious day. I have lot of Maharastrian friends who will get sweets for me.

Aanushka Ramesh – I will celebrate Gudi Padwa with very simple rituals this year. Just a simple Pooja , and maybe going to the temple. I am not strictly into rituals, I believe having a clean heart and doing simple practices is enough. I might also do some charity or feed people as I think that is one of the best things anyone can do and gives me immense joy. I will not cheat on my diet. I am prepping for a project so even a single cheat day is not possible for me! I will just wear my normal attire as we are not doing any special Pooja. I am not starting anything new as such. I treat every day as an auspicious day so each day is special for me

Divayajyotee Sharma

Divayajyotee_Sharma__new_ (1)I would dress up traditionally and will have home made sweets. My brother visited me he got gunjiyas for me.

Ssharad Malhotraa– Gudi Padwa is a good festival. I am not a Maharastrian but have lot of Maharastrian friends so I would visit few friends post shoot and wish them.