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TV celebs express love for their daddy dearest on Father’s Day


Mothers possess unconditional love and warmth and dads are invincible heroes. Like mothers, fathers have their share is raising their kids. They give us lot to be grateful for. Dad have instilled in us lessons for success and of being a good human-being. Despite their busy schedule they prioritize their kids and see to it that they fulfil their each and every wish. With Father’s Day around the corner we asked few TV celebrities to share a message for their dads.

Rohan Mehra: “Dad, you are still the one I think of first when I have a question about something or when I need some support and good advice .thank you for always being there for me.”

Faisal Khan: “Hope you always stay happy and young ,always be the way you are with us, You are very sweet and world’s best father. Wish you a very happy Father’s Day.”

Pankhuri Awasthy: “I haven’t really planed anything but I would Probably book tickets for my parents and call them to Mumbai.”

Munmun Dutta: “I don’t need to tell him anything special on this day because he knows how important he is. I have seen him working hard each and every day to provide for us and our education and well being. There was never surplus but we always had enough and we were happy. I know the value of money because of my mom and dad, both.”