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“Training at NASA was an incomparable experience” says Sushant Singh Rajput


Sushant Singh Rajput who recently returned to the country after intensively training at NASA’s Space & Rocket Centre at Alabama, is all set to step into the shoes of an astronaut for his next ,Chanda Mama Door Ke.

Touted as India’s first space odyssey ,Chanda Mama Door Ke directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, is based on a team of astronauts whose mission brings the country together.

While Bollywood has a special connection with NASA ,with films like Swades and Jaaneman earlier being shot at the space center , this one is hoping to push the envelope as it is for the first time that a Bollywood actor has been invited by the NASA team to train for his role as a part of prep for a film.

Sushant Singh Rajput, to prepare for his role in the film, trained at USSRC, by participating in workshops and various training regimes and the young actor couldn’t be happier , given that he got the opportunity to train there and acquaint himself with the life of an astronaut.

Talking about his experience there says Sushant , ” It’s an incomparable experience. For 20 years, I’ve lived with formulae and theories in my head.During the training sessions, I could actually feel zero gravity; I sat in a centrifug, experienced what it’s like to tumble in space. Everything I had read about became real. I was like a kid in a candy store. At times, I forgot that I was at NASA to shoot a film.”

The actor stayed at Alabama and underwent a special training schedule at USSRC that included regimes such as, ‘Flying a Space Shuttle Simulator’ or ‘Lunar Module/Mars Lander Simulation’, ‘Experiencing Zero G’, ‘1/6’, ‘Wearing a professional Space Suit’, ‘Flying a multi-axis trainer’ and ‘Docking the shuttle to the ISS.”

Sushant who is a topper in physics and enjoys reading on astro physics has even got himself a state of the art telescope – He adds , “.“Mine is distractingly large’s one of the most-advanced telescopes in the world and I’m going to be able to see Saturn’s rings through it”​