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Tough talk with Sonakshi Sinha


Six years after her debut, the ‘healthy’ Sonakshi Sinha is slimmer and more gorgeous than she has ever been. Speaking about her transformation, which has become quite the talk of the town, she revealed that seeing herself fitter motivated her to get better results. Interestingly, she shares that she has always been a confident person, yes even during those teenage years when she was at her heaviest.

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She claims that very little of what people said about her weight affected her. However, she could only lose all that weight when she made up her own mind about it. “I wanted to take a step towards being healthy” – is what did the trick for her and brought about the change.

The lithe and lovely Sona maintains that comparing one’s body to someone else’s is the worst thing a person could do. She is unmistakably proud of being at her fittest right now, a milestone she achieved without any quick fixes, but she is equally fiery when talking about

body-shaming and undue scrutiny, which many women are subjected to in the industry. In fact, she deems body shaming to be as bad as racism, discrimination and bullying. Dealing a blow to the societal strictures that state that it is good to look a certain way and anything other than that is bad or ugly, she blamed conditioning for being responsible for telling women that thin is beautiful.

The truth, she points out, is that we all aren’t meant to look the same. Young girls, she believes, are impressionable and succumb to this pressure, thereby ruining their health.

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According to this straight-talking daughter of Shatrughan ‘Shotgun’ Sinha, she would be happy if she was able to influence even one person to be comfortable in their own skin. Whatever the body shape, it is important to feel happy and not risk your health – is the message she sends out to all the girls out there. Take a bow, gal!