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Tisca Chopra shares her mother story


There is love and then there is a mother’s love. There are many times that juggling becomes tough but when that happens think about the gorgeous Tisca Chopra and well, breathe!

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“There are so many things that are marvellous about parenting but one mustn’t push too hard to get it right. There is this one thing my mother told me when I was expecting. While you take care of your child, remember to take care of your interests too. You cannot pour from an empty cup!!! A lot of women give up on everything when they become mothers, that is really not the way to go about it. What are you telling your daughter by giving everything up? Children learn by example, there is so much for them to imbibe by just watching you… so don’t paint a regressive picture,” she quipped.

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Tisca who is mother to a beautiful 3year old daughter, has actually produced her first film recently and is waiting for it to be showcased.