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This got past the censors…


Vivek AgnihotriVivek Agnihotri

Even as a wave of student politics sweeps across the country with the Rohith Vemula suicide and the growing popularity of Kanhaiya shows no signs of subsiding, Vivek Agnihotri’s BUDDHA IN A TRAFFIC JAM promises to match the mood of our times.

The gripping song ‘Sarkar Ki Duniya’ from this controversial film is already winning fans. The track depicts the current issues faced by the villagers who are trapped between the Naxalites and the Police. The lyrics of the song are gripping and have been penned, composed and sung by Rohit Sharma.

The song has been well received by the students at universities where the film had been screened. BUDDHA IN A TRAFFIC JAM talks about the connections between the Universities, NGOs and Naxalites and portrays how universities are brainwashing students. Vivek Agnihotri believes this film is freedom of speech for him.

This film was recently screened at JNU, IIT Bombay, IIT Gandhinagar and currently being showcased in many such reputed universities and until now the film has been receiving overwhelming response from the students.