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Theroux wants to write a TV role for Aniston


Justin Theroux says he would definitely like to write a TV role for wife Jennifer Aniston. Theroux is getting ready to start in on some new projects, and the star says he would love to include his wife, reported Entertainment Tonight. “Right now I’m actually going to be focused on writing. So I have a few things that I’ve actually already written that I’m tweaking and retooling and another thing I want to write,” Theroux says.

In the past, Aniston has said that if she ever did return to TV, she’d like it to be as part of a show on a premium cable network. “If the right thing came around I would definitely (write) it,” says the 45-year-old “Girl on the Train” star, whose screenwriting credits includes films like “Tropic Thunder” and “Iron Man 2″. We toss around ideas occasionally, but it’s got to be something I want to write and something she wants to act in, which is harder than you might think,” he adds.