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There’s nothing Vidya Balan won’t do


When there is a will, there’s a way. As saying as old as time, but there are few who still live by it. Even when they don’t really have to! Kahani, protagonist, Vidya Balan’s will it do the most she can for her fans. Not just lip service this, because the actress is actually getting on with it with fervor.

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It was only last year that Vidya Balan turned coolie on Mission Sapne, with the aim to raise money for Rajasthan’s first female coolie Manju. The powerhouse actress will now use social media as a platform to fulfil the dream of an ardent fan – Vidya will soon run a contest on her Facebook page, inviting fans/followers to share a certain wish/dream that they have long had. The actress will pick one that she finds interesting and help him/her fulfill their wish.

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Says a source, “A social networking platform makes it easier for Vidya’s fans to interact with her – She is an actor who enjoys meeting people and her fans are extremely important to her. As a special treat to them, she plans to run a contest where they can post their wish and Vidya will go through each of them and pick one to fulfill.”