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The unconventional hunks of Bollywood


Vicky KaushalVicky Kaushal

Here we present young hunks have come all the way impressing us with their sharp looks and features.

​​Vicky Kaushal the MASAAN fame actor is a one guy who has made all the ladies there go mad over his looks. Vicky surely is one of the best looking lots from his generation of Bollywood celebrities.

ranveer singh

Ranveer Singh has been gifted with the face to grace the silver screen.  As far as sex appeal is concerned, if he came near any women, they will feel threatened, as he definitely as that magic and allure to charm any women.
randeep hooda

​​Randeep Hooda with those sharp features and with a Bollywood charisma is good looking enough to charm any women right there. Randeep who has a huge fan following among his female fans has always impressed everyone with his killer looks and style.

arjun kapoor

Arjun Kapoor with looks that makes women fall on their knees for him. He has always been the one whom most of the women desire to have a handsome man like him in their life.

saqib saleem

Saqib Saleem with that charm, appeal and persona he can make any women go crazy over him. Saqib is one guy from the younger lot who has impressed the ladies by his sharp and attractive looks.