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The real Bhatt bomb!


Crazy as we are about the utterly adorable Alia Bhatt, like daddy Mahesh Bhatt who admitted that Pooja Bhatt she is his favourite daughter on a chat show, we have to declare she is our fave Bhatt babe too. The reasons are many…

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…Amidst the Indo-Pak tension post the Uri attacks, even as several bodies have decided to ban Pakistani artistes from working in India, Pooja went ahead doing what she believed in. She actually headed out to Karachi and celebrated Diwali in the Pakistani city, as a host of singer Ali Azmat of ‘Junoon’ band fame. And she made no attempt to keep her visit secret… While this was a personal trip for the actress-filmmaker, she did speak to the media there, revealing that she was happy to visit Karachi, having travelled to Pakistan several times before.

…She made zero attempt to hide her broken marriage. Instead when her bond with husband Munish Makhija came undone, she took to Twitter to declare, “To all those who care & especially those that don’t my husband Munna & Me have decided to part ways after 11 glorious years of marriage. Our split as some might call it is amicable & we hold each other in the highest esteem for now and forever. The reason I explain is because we are both part of the public domain. Our friends, well-wishers & foes are free to now speculate.” Wow!

…She takes up cudgels on behalf of others as well. During the time Salman Khan was named as the Goodwill Ambassador of India for the 2016 Rio Olympics, a huge debate erupted on whether it was the right move to have selected the actor.Salim Khan, Salman’s father took to Twitter, to make some harsh comments on Milkha Singh, who had expressed his displeasure on the selection. Pooja had risen to Singh’s defence, pointing out, “Whether the film Industry resurrected Milkha Singh or whether Milkha Singh resurrected the film industry is an absurdly, distasteful debate… Could the film be made if Milkha Singh wasn’t the man he was & did not achieve what he did in the first place? We all know, NOT. Hence, respect.”

…Truly bold, she declares that for her, bold equals the truth. “Bold is not posing in a swimsuit or stripping, it’s talking about taboo subjects like orgasm, which even today is a mystery to most women with 80% of them never having experienced one before… In most of our films only the bad girl is allowed to enjoy sex. I not only made PAAP about a girl torn between love and celibacy, but in JISM 2 humanised a porn star.”

…Her webseries title ‘Oh!’ will showcase the “liberating and tragic” stories of 12 different women. “For me, a woman is not truly empowered unless she is liberated financially and sexually. Unfortunately, in our country, she doesn’t have a voice or a choice in matters of sex. She can’t decide if she wants to marry, have sex, a child or an abortion. It’s time we respected and revelled in our bodies rather than treat them as receptacles of a man’s fantasy… ‘Oh!’ will delve deeper into it.”

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…Her take on her relationships is stunning in its honesty. “I was always very clear that I was young and single, so if I was attracted to a guy, I didn’t deny myself a relationship. I would rather do that and realise after a year or two that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere and have the guts to end it…than to allow society to tell me that since I’m on my fourth relationship, it’s high time I made it work out… I’d rather be a wild child, I’d rather be known as a woman of loose morals than to keep up a relationship that has soured… It’s amazing how some women can be someone they don’t want to be when they are in love… I look back on every guy in my life with affection. I am what I am because of them.”