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The producer in Irrfan Khan loves real Indian stories


Irrfan Khan never ceases to impress us impeccably with his acting performances and his latest release only underlines and enhances his capability of being an ace performer. Audiences and critics alike praised his acting in Madaari and the strong word of mouth made the film a success even at the box office.

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While Irrfan was not only acting in the film, he and his wife Sutapa were also the producers of the film. The subject matter of Madaari shows how Irrfan understands the importance of stories which the audiences can relate to. ‘Content is King’, a phrase Irrfan recons with and with the growing love for relatable and realistic films among the new breed of audience, the couple feels that the need of the hour is  to spot and pick out stories from our soil which has a global connect. Being privileged to be born in a hugely diverse country, Irrfan believes it’s imperative that filmmakers seek stories from the roots of the varied corners and cultures of the subcontinent.

We hear that Irrfan in fact is already in search for more such stories and will be looking to produce at least two more such films in the near future with his wife. Films that resonate the Indian ethos and are original Indian stories which can be narrated well on the silver screen for the global audience.

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Sutapa Khan confirms the news and says, “As producers, we are not project makers, but storyteller. Our audiences are now ready for new stories relating to our lives, stories that have evolved from our roots and our soil, stories that weave the Indian ethos, but also ring true the whole world. We are looking for new Stories all the time. Irrfan and I are enjoying this process.”