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The other Kangna… Sharma!


kangana sharma

Kangana from GREAT GRAND MASTI shares her excitement and future plans with CINE BLITZ.

What made you choose GREAT GRAND MASTI?
I’m a fan of Bollywood actors Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Aftab Shivdasani. I always wanted to work with them. This is the third series of the film and the previous two installments were blockbuster hits. When they approached me for this film I couldn’t stop myself and immediately signed it on.

What made you get into acting? Tell us about your background.
I’m from Haryana; I have completed my studies from Kurukshetra University. Then I moved to Delhi and started working. I wanted to become an army officer, because of which I have done three years of the NCC course, but destiny had its own plans. I stepped forward and started doing modelling. Then I realised that I looked good on camera, so I decided to try for films and again moved to Mumbai. And now here I am! Mumbai has treated me so well and I have got the opportunity to work with such a good banner, Balaji, and Maruti International. Finally the film got released in such a big way! It’s a hit movie series of mastiGREAT GRAND MASTI!

You sure are aware of the stiff competition in the film industry. Do you feel confident enough to stay in the field? How far have you progressed as a model? Did you feel welcomed in the industry?
Yes I’m very sure about my talent, I’m confident enough. I accept that there is huge competition in the glamour industry, but your luck and destiny decides who has to stay and who has to move out! But when you have confidence then you will survive and make it true. Yes I feel welcomed in the glamour world. That is why I have got the best series of MASTI with three stars -Aftab, Riteish, and Vivek! So I am feeling very special about it. As a model also I have done a good job, but I never wanted to be a model; it was just a start in the glamour world.

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What was it like to work on the film sets? Tell us about your rapport with the cast.
The very first day I was really nervous, and at same time I was excited too because in my debut film itself I got to work with a big director, who has directed BETA, DIL, MANN, the DHAMAAL series and the MASTI series. Also it was a big cast so I was a bit nervous, but later on I managed it!

Now that the film has released, what is your take on it?
My opinion is we all have done an amazing job and I am sure it would be a super hit film, as this is the biggest comedy film in our cinema!

You do know about the news of the online leak. Also, the film has mostly got a less than mediocre rating from what has been reported in leading newspapers. What do you have to say about it? Do you think the film will still do well at the box office?
Yes I am sure that this movie will break the record. It had been leaked but I don’t think it is going to affect the movie and it will be a super hit in a big way!

What kind of projects are you looking to work in now?
I’m keen on acting in mostly women-centric films.

Many actresses are also doing television now. Are you open to doing television too and in what way?
No, I’m not looking at television now.