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The Good Girl! Aditi Rao Hydari


Aditi Rao Hydari

Siphoning in positivity and throwing away the negative; Aditi Rao Hydari tells Pratishtha Malhotra how she prefers to use her energy to create something amazing, always!

“I am extremely capable when it comes to throwing out negative things that irritate me. I really believe this and have got it from my mum. She’s always told me, ‘Whatever energy that you are giving, whatever energy you have, you should use it positively to create something amazing with it.’ An advice I literally live by, so whether it is to make somebody’s day, to do a scene really well, to sing a song really well, dance, give an interview with my complete attention. Whatever it is, you put your 100% in that moment. Of course there are days when I am irritated, days when I cry, when I get angry- but I spit it out, really fast. Some might say I am quite like a five year old. I can laugh as easily as I cry and mostly that is what keeps me really positive and happy. You shouldn’t keep negativity bottled within you, it is so pointless. I strongly believe, that one should acknowledge people who are good as it helps you grow and be a better person as well. It helps you in your art.”

Just listening to her we were convinced that there can be no one better that this cerebral beauty to ring in the year wherein we discard all things filthy, grimy and negative, to transform into positivity that glows from its good.

As you look back at the year gone by, what in your opinion have been the most sumptuous memories?

When you are not from the movie industry every step means a lot more than it would, perhaps, mean to anybody else as you are doing everything yourself, literally! Of course, I have a lovely team to work with me, guide me but all said and done you are the one who is out there and figuring out things at the end of the day. Speaking of the year gone by – WAZIR, FITOOR and DEVDAS, these three films that I did over 2014-2015 have been really important and really satisfying for me. I feel very privileged to have worked on these films especially with the people that I had the opportunity to work with.

Speaking of WAZIR, it definitely is not an atypical Bollywood film we see every other Friday. To have a mentor like VidhuVinod Chopra and a luminary like Mr. Bachchan would be nerve wracking for many. How were your nerves by the end of it?

Actually it wasn’t nerve wracking at all because when you have such amazing people who are involved with a project like this, it is very smooth sailing. The only thing that I felt at the beginning was that I was completely in awe of these people- I mean obviously because I didn’t know them personally, for me they were names I have read about, I have grown up watching their work. You how overwhelming it can be when you actually meet them one day, breathing the same air as them? It is a very surreal kind of experience. Like you said, they are such amazing people who are making things happen. Good things, grand things, at that! But beyond that overwhelming, awe you realize that when you have a great actor in front of you, it makes your job easier. When you have an amazing producer who is a visionary, making things way before their time you actually feel much more confident. When I walk on to set, I just trust the people that I work with and in this case, even more so. I also feel that people like Mr. Chopra are very encouraging. Frankly, anyone could have been a part of WAZIR. He could have taken any big established actress but Bijoy had so much conviction that he said that he would show my tests to Mr. Chopra. It is not like I just got the part out of the blue sky, I did three screen tests for the film. Once they saw my tests, they were all with me.

Were there instances wherein you felt too awkward to put-forth your opinion when around these illustrious company?

At the very beginning, yes. But it so happened that we all did eight days of reading and every time we would do readings together, Mr. Bachchan, Farhan ( Akhtar), Bijoy ( Nambiar) and Vinod sir ( VidhuVinod Chopra). You know, some might say it is a problem but the fact is that whatever I am feeling is on my face and in the middle of readings Vinod sir would look at me and say, ‘She wants to say something’. I would be like ‘No, nothing’, but then he is too astute, he would know that I want to say something and he would take my suggestion. It is amazing to work with people who really encourage you, back you and stand by you. It builds your confidence, it is something that I would want should happen again and again, with each of my films. The entire experience of working on WAZIR was so enriching, you know whenever I would get a lunch break or any time-off on set, I would always remain right on the sets and watch Farhan and Mr. Bachchan act. After their shot, I would run to the monitor and look at the magic that happens. You see them perform live and then see what the camera eats off that person and that is magical.

The moment we heard that Akshay Kumar would play the villainous lead opposite the superstar Rajinikanth in Shankar’s Robot 2, we were ecstatic. His potential as an actor is yet to be explored fully and such kind of films will prove that there is more to Akshay than just being a Khiladi. He has over the years proved that if challenged well, he can excel. Hence, Robot 2 is one film we are eagerly waiting for but turns out the actor has altogether different reason to be excited. He feels it will be an honour for him to get punched by Rajinikanth! Relax…it’s not us who is saying this but the man himself!