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‘The Final Exit’ trailer: Kunaal Roy Kapur experiences the thrilling journey of the road to death


Kunaal Roy Kapur had vanished from the industry for some time. But recently, the actor is back with his upcoming suspense thriller film The Final Exit. And guess what, the trailer of the film has been released on Thursday. Well, the trailer is very scary and will give a thorough experience of the thrilling journey of the road to death.

Apparently, the trailer shows Kunaal as a photographer who is addicted to drugs. However, this drug addiction takes him to the another world which is scary as hell. His scary expressions and constant strangers appearance will scare you more than him. But the trailer seems missing that entertainment of horror flick. Moreover, the framing of visual effects in the trailer seem messy and fails to engage with it.

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Especially, the trailer doesn’t give that kind of excitement to watch the film in theatres. However, the trailer show shows the Kunaal as a surprise package for all. After all, Kunaal has always been typecast for entertaining films as his comic timing is unbeatable. But, his surprising appearance from comedy films to Horror is praise worthy. Moreover, his threat expressions and unique way of acting can be an eye catching factor of the film.

Well, Directed by Dhwanil Mehta, the film also stars Ananya Sengupta, Scarlett Wilson, Archana Shastri & Reyhna Malhotra. The film is slated to release on September 22.

Till then, watch this scary trailer of The Final Exit

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