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The Dream Job: Review, Cast, Story, Director


Film: The Dream Job

Cast: Zuber K Khan, Prasad Shikhare, Sadhvi Bhatt, Ritambhra Shrotriya, Vikas Shrivastav, Durgesh Kumar, Nand Pant, Sajjid Khan, Surjit Singh Rajput

Director: Mukesh Mishra

The Dream Job, about career highs and young romance set within the banking sector, is basically a coming-of-age story about two couples who follow their dreams with varying success. A set of final year students Mukesh (Zuber Khan), Kapil (Prasad Shikare), Mona (Ritambhra Shrotriya), Pinki (Sadhvi Bhatt), Parvez & RK are in the process of giving their campus placement interviews conducted by EBI bank. Mukesh, Mona, Kapil and Pinky crack it while the ones who fall out move on to different careers.

The film tries to capture different aspects of a banker’s life but fails to come to terms with its own narrow-minded preoccupations. So, you have the lead character move away from the city following a bad break-up and then returning back after 3 years, a successful Business consultant/entrepreneur and feeling strong enough emotion for his former love that he donates a kidney to her ailing industrialist husband who could well have paid for it without maintaining a sweat.

While the young actors at the centre of it all are pretty earnest with their expressions, they don’t have the polish or the sharpness that finely defined performances could lend to this vacillating drama that shifts its focus from everyday office gossip and politics, target pressures and job promotions to convoluted romantic drama and faltering ambitions. The script fails in establishing a strong running theme, thus allowing for complicated contrivances that don’t come across as organic or logical. Technically slip-shod, the narrative lacks definition and there’s very little entertainment to hold your interest through the rather trying two hours plus runtime.