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The Asli Sex Bombshells – Bollywood top actresses


From the Asli Sex Bombshells to the First Wives Club, the sparkling Wendell Rodricks deconstructs the fashion mantras of B-town’s Girl Group Gangs!

The Asli Sex Bombshells
This is India’s answer to Charlie’s Angels. They ooze sex appeal, can turn an igloo into a water puddle and set the screen on fire each time they come on with their smouldering eyes, hot bodies and wicked flirty looks. Thank God for them. The paparazzi cannot get enough shots of them. And they happily bask into those flashes of light without a shy bone in their bodies. Between Begum KareenaKapoor and the yummy mummy siblings MalaikaArora Khan and Amrita AroraLadak, get set for fireworks like it is New Year’s on the Sydney Bridge every day.
Really look at them…Herve Leger and Ellie Saab, Louboutin and Manolo should love, adore, worship this trio. When designing clothes or shoes, these guys had these gals in mind!
What is commendable is whether sheathed in a micro mini, a jumpsuit or a tee with voluminous dhoti pants, they can rock the cat out of the room by its tail.
How to get their look?
Dahling, can I be frank?
You CAN’T. Yup. Just forget it. This is some DNA wiring that even Einstein would not be able to decode. You can primo your hair till it falls off, go for facials 24/7, slave in a gym till you ache. And after all that…you will still not be glam anchor 2able to look like them.
So. Just. Forget. It.

The First Wives’ Club
When a Girl Group Gang features Shah Rukh Khan as husband, can there be any doubt that this is the First Wives Club? This Gang of Four is exclusive, elusive and superlative. They can afford couture, keep their bodies to gleaming perfection (okay, at times the bronzer or gold glow is a tad OTT), and know how to strut their stuff. With Gauri Khan in the lead, this club includes BhavnaPandey, Rhea Pillai and MaheepKapoor. They have a similar look, dress in a single style and obviously share glow secrets. If there is one word to describe their style, it is SLEEK. They can carry short, snug, one shoulder drapes and bling. Their bags seem strictly ‘clutch’ or ‘tote’. Between them they just have every glam anchor 3Louboutin shoe style and Gucci dress that is worthy.
You want their style secrets?
Are you kidding? Serious? No really? You are kidding!
Like the Asli Sex Bombshells, to get their style and look… Let’s just say moving the Rock of Gibraltar from Spain and joining it to Britain is easier.
Like me, simply stay content by worshipping and lusting from afar.