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Tejasswi Prakash to Arjun Bijlani: TV actors and their Holi 2018 plans


Holi is just around the corner, and while everyone is busy with the preparations, television actors speak to MANASI Y MASTAKAR about their Holi plans and more…


Rashami Desai

This year I’ll be celebrating Holi in Mumbai. Holi is a festival where you meet everyone and enjoy it with great enthusiasm with colours and sweets. The best Holi was last year in Mumbai with my family, because the whole family was together to celebrate, and it was great fun. The colourful atmosphere perks up my attitude. I love to drink thandai too.

Vivian Dsena

I would be in Mumbai only. Mostly a friend or two will come and put little gulal. I prefer to enjoy solitude this, Holi though I miss the Holi of Ujjain. I love drinking thandai and eating gujiya.

Tejasswi Prakash

Holi is one of the fun-filled festivals that permits you to cheat on your diet. I enjoy the snacks during the colourful festival and, yes Holi music brings so much of energy, even if you are not playing with colours. I’m still planning for the day. I would like to wish my fans a very happy and safe Holi.

Ssharad Malhotraa

I miss Kolkata Holi. This will year I will be celebrating it with Pooja Bisth and will also be attending a few Holi bashes. Holi for me will also mean eating a lot of mithai, gujia and cheating on diet for a day.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee

I will be celebrating Holi with my friends and family. We are planning for good Rajasthani food with some Bollywood songs. It will be eco-friendly Holi with environment-friendly colours and we’ll also try to keep water away. That’s how I wish my fans to enjoy a safe Holi.

Shubhangi Atre

Holi celebrations will be completely family time. I’ll have fun, eating and dancing with my people. I love to watch people playing with colours and going crazy while dancing. While I want everyone to enjoy the festival, I want people to also be careful with the quality of colours you are using. Be environment-friendly; avoid chemicals.

Sourabh Raaj Jain

I intend to celebrate it with my twins. It will be my first Holi with them. It will be a dry Holi. Mostly, I will put up a tilak on them.

Manish Goplani

I’m shooting in Delhi and planning to visit Vrindavan for the Holi celebrations with my friends. The place is a must visit during the festival. Been there with family before, and now will experience it with friends.

Helly Shah

I will be celebrating Holi doing puja as that’s a ritual since childhood with my family and friends. Well, Holi is essentially all about colours, and I pick organic colours to put as tilak, as I don’t enjoy playing with them and avoid getting the ‘pukka’, hard-chemical colours that leave you with the excruciating task of removing them later.

Arjun Bijlani

I will be playing Holi with my son Ayaan. He loves colours. It will be eco-friendly Holi for me. I will also be attending some Holi bashes with friends.

Shashank Vyas

I am very much in Mumbai. I will be playing Holi with select friends. I don’t like throwing people in water as water scarcity is a reality. Colours can cause lot of pollution and also throwing balloons should be avoided.

Mahika Sharma

Holi is a festival that brings along a positive vibe of festive elation, excitement and fun with all the colour-smearing, water guns and sharing of love and cheer. While for some, it is a festival that they dread for the wild play of colours, yet for most of us like me it is a celebration we keenly look forward to for enjoying good snacks, drink and dance.