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Tejasswi Prakash: I don’t want to limit myself


Tejasswi Prakash speaks to Manasi Y Mastakar about her new show, music and exploring newer entertainment mediums…

Many would know her as the lovable Ragini from the serial Swaragini or Diya from the controversial show ‘Pehredar Piya Ki’. Though the show faced backlash because of its story line, that didn’t deter Tejasswi Prakash. In fact, she is back with a new show, ‘Rishta Likenge Hum Naya’, where she is seen doing action stunts, shedding her docile, girl-next-door image. Excerpts from the interview.

Your last show, Pehredar Piya Ki, created quite a stir in television industry. And now you are back with a new story in Rishta Likenge Hum Naya. How different is this show from Peheredar Piya Ki?

Rista likhenge is out-of-the-box as I feel the show has me as a hero in it. I’m playing a very strong character. It does have a new concept and I personally feel that my character describes how strong women are. And I’m happy with the way Rishta Likhenge… is proceeding.

What made you says yes to this one? Were you worried give that Peheredar wasn’t met with warmth.

I love doing new stories and I have gratitude towards the makers and channel for offering me such a show. I feel fortunate enough being the face of the show.

Tell us a little about your character. We know that you play a protector to Ratan Maan Singh. What more can we expect from Diya in this show?

My character is of a very strong girl. I am enjoying essaying it. I’m trying to give my best to it. I’m happy with the feedback I’m getting for the same. We all the team are working hard and giving our best to show.

Though you have done several shows in the past, it was Swaragini that made you a popular household name. Your and Helly Shah’s onscreen bond received a lot of praise. Are you two still in touch?

Yes Helly is amazing and beautiful person and very hardworking dedicated to her work. Even the complete Swaragini team is like a family. We all have move on and are busy with our works. But whenever we get time we connect.

You have a passion of music, and you are a good singer too. Ever wanted to make a career in music? How did your acting journey begin?

Yes, I enjoy singing and dancing. They are my passion. If I get the opportunity to make it as my career…why not! I’ll love to do so. Acting happened to me and I am loving the way my acting career is progressing. My hard work as an actress is appreciated and I’m blessed!

Any plans of exploring other mediums like web series or a movie perhaps? Any Bollywood dreams?

I don’t want to limit myself. Everything depends on time. If anything interesting happens I’ll accept it.