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Tapsee Pannu: Be your own hero


Best known for her packing a punch in Pink, Tapsee Pannu tells Jaideep Pandey that she believes it’s time for women to become their own hero in life and fight for equality

She’s an unknown face in the sea of star kids but Tapsee Pannu has shown the world that talent doesn’t need a tag or a surname. Her power packed performances have been appreciated and many offers are on their way. She’s everything a modern woman wants to be. Free, independent, opinionated and strong. Excerpts from an interview with the actress…

Women have walked the long path of empowerment but still they are going through lot of obstacles on their way…
These obstacles are actually the mental blocks. And it’s the mental conditioning of our minds that we aren’t capable or good enough to do something that a man can. So I strongly feel that we need to stop blaming gender for any incapability.

How to curb these obstacles?
There is an urgent need that we realise our potential and use it for our best. And I believe that if we are successful in doing so, automatically we will be capable enough to know how to tackle the hurdles we face.

What according to you makes a woman empowered?
As per me, a woman must take the charge of their life into own hands and at the same time should not wait for permissions or any kind of help from anyone. That will play a bigger role in empowering the whole gender.

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What help society and family can offer to women?
Just give them all necessary support and help them when they need. Or maybe just don’t demoralise them and that will be enough for them to move ahead and perform well.

Your message on the International Women’s Day…
This Women’s Day I would urge all the women to become their own hero in life. Stop waiting and expecting anyone to help you. Take the charge of your life in your own hands and be the change.