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Tannishtha Chatterjee speaks up at NFCD Film Bazaar


Speaking at the discussion on Women Protagonists in Indian Filmscape – Changing Dyamics at the 10th NFCD Film Bazaar, was the gutsy Tannishtha Chatterjee, who had recently delivered a blow to a comedy show who had poked fun of her dusky complexion. “I think these tags of a film being ‘women-oriented’ and ‘heroine-oriented’ have to slowly go out at some point, to feel that we are reaching a point of gender equality, and recognizing that cinema is essentially a medium of storytelling,” she said.

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“A female-oriented film for me would just be another story with a female protagonist, without a need to underline that fact. We need to go beyond that and just tell our stories. I also feel like messaging in our pop culture without didactic features is important, so that we can break the stereotypes through our characters and protagonists, regardless of whether they are men or women.”

Speaking at the same occasion, was filmmaker-scriptwriter Vani Tripathi Tikoo who voiced, “It’s important to highlight the truths about women today, no matter how ugly they are. Once we address this, the change is cumulative, and only then will it be accepted widely as a part of our culture and society.”
More power to them, we say!