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“Swami is the most disgusting person on this planet,” says Rohan Mehra’s father


Ever since Bigg Boss 10 went on air, Swami Om has managed to make headlines for his behaviour and he continues to do so. He has left no stone unturned to gain publicity, both positive and negative. From peeing in the kitchen to stripping down in the garden, Swami has managed to do it all on national TV.

Definitely, he has come across as one of the main reasons to not watch the controversial reality TV show this year. But, his latest stint is even more shocking and disgusting.

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He peed on two of his fellow contestants – Bani Judge and Rohan Mehra. The insiders also inform that a huge fight, probably the biggest one of the season broke out in the Bigg Boss house this time. And all this happened, following the announcement that Bani J and Swami Om were going to compete to win the captaincy this week.

Speaking to FPJ, Rohan’s father Ravinder Mehra said, “I was very angry when I got to know that he acted in such a horrible manner.

How could Bigg Boss let this happen? Didn’t he say he would do it? Even Salman lost his cool last week because of his nasty behaviour.  Swami and Priyanka Jagga have spoiled the environment in the house. Thankfully, Priyanka is gone and Swami is out as well now. But they shouldn’t have waited this long. Nonetheless, I’m happy that Bigg Boss decided to do justice.”

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He further adds, “Swami is the most disgusting person on this planet. He shouldn’t even be called a human being. How could he behave with a girl in such a way? I’m proud that Rohan decided to stick with Bani and support her. He is a nice guy and I’m sure he will win. He has been performing well in the tasks too. People are watching the show so they can see it for themselves.”