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Sushant Singh Rajput learns a lesson


Recently actor Sushant Singh Rajput was who has had a meteoric rise was caught in a row for his high handedness with fans. A fortnight ago it was reported that Sushant, who was out on a midnight drive in his new car, was chased down by fans who requested him for a selfie but instead of obliging to their request he had his building security rough up the fans.

The Raabta actor who credits his fans for constantly showering him with love and supporting him through thick and thin is now trying to make it up to them.

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So when the actor returned home after a gym session to find a bunch of his fans, waiting outside the gate to catch his glimpse, Sushant actually stepped out and met each one of them, posing for pictures and even signing autographs .The star even had food and bottles of water sent to them as they were standing in the scorching heat for quite a few hours.

“Sushant enjoys interacting with his fans and even has regular conversations with them over Twitter, where they get to know him better as a person. He believes he is what he is because of his fans and never takes them for granted. He recently even met with a group of college students who were gathered outside his building. He met them, clicked pictures with them and spoke to them minus any starry airs .They were completely overwhelmed with his gesture” a source said trying to dismiss the damages done to Sushant’s fan following.