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Sushant Singh Rajput: “I play a Pithoo in Kedarnath”


While he is fully into playing an astronaut in Sanjay Chauhan’s ‘Chanda Mama Door Ke’, Sushant Singh Rajput has also started preliminary preparation for his next challenging role in Abhishek Kapoor’s ‘Kedarnath’ where he plays a tourist escort who carries the old and the ailing on his back to the holy place.

Says Sushant, “I play a pithoo in ‘Kedarnath’.” As far as the plot of Abhishek Kapoor’s film goes, Sushant is cast as a pithoo whom a beautiful rich tourist, played by Sara Khan (Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter) falls in love with.

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Sushant, for the record, won’t be faking the pithoo’s burden. He will actually be shown carrying people on his back across the tough mountainous terrain of Kedarnath.

Speaking about his preparations for every part that he plays, Sushant says, “Preparation for me is mandatory. How else could I have a chance of actually changing my spontaneity or giving myself enough reasons to believe that I am the character? There are quite a lot of things to know about, training as far as ‘Chanda Mama Door Ke’ is concerned. I am training on simulators, working on the character, going through the theory of astrophysics. I visited NASA last month for training and the experience was remarkable.”

Is it essential to immerse himself in every character he plays? Says Sushant, “The idea is to convince myself that I am an astronaut or a pithoo before the start of the shoot.”