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Sushant Singh Rajput goes places…


He is not the most garrulous person in person but intensity is something he is not short off. Putting his point of view across is what Sushant Singh Rajput does without mincing words. “I am extremely proud to be an actor irrespective of the medium and also of my past… What an actor does on a reality show is decided by the studio for the film. I have worked in theatre, TV and films and I don’t differentiate,” he vouched recently, feathers somehow ruffled. Point made, sir!

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What wiped the frown off his face and made him smile was Mirziyan debutante Saiyami Kher, who complimented his strokes in M S Dhoni: The Untold Story, saying “Besides Dhoni himself there is no one who plays the helicopter shot like you!” Sushant was all smiles replying, “Hahaha, I will take that J”

In the midst of this pre release excitement, if you’re wondering what his ex, Ankita was up to, she was under the weather. “Fever fever go away li’l me wants to play,” Ankita shared. Sadly, her playing days appear to be in short supply of late, even as her ex beau goes from strength to strength and will soon be seen in a Bollywood space film titled Chanda Mama Door Ke. It’s part of his kitty post DHONI, including the completed Raabta, Takadum by Homi Adjania also featuring Parineeti, the Dharma film with Jacqueline Fernandez and anther biopic on an athlete. With his Bollywood space film, he is going where no Hindi film star has gone before… It’s a star trek alright!

Sushant is of the belief that taking risks in life is essential if over-rated, even as he adds that his transformation as an individual and as an actor over time has been “seamless”. Clearly on a high, he points out that he craves excitement in his life, which happens only when he picks films and characters that he can’t comprehend completely at first. Gotta admit, we like how he thinks!